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We are a father and son painting company.  John started his painting career in Liverpool, England in 1967 and has been painting in the Greater Vancouver area since 1990.  We specialize in quality work at  great prices. No matter what your painting needs are we the ones to call.


We are a company that believes that there is only one way to do any job and that is right way.  We believe that every customer should expect quality and any job we do quality is always included.
Our goal is to impress you and we are never finished till you are satisfied.


  At John Patten we know that you have decided to hire someone to paint, because you want a great job as fast as possible with the least disruption and mess.

That’s what we do, our painters are some of the best in Vancouver.  We have invested in equipment that not only speeds up the job, but also decreases the  amount of dust during the project.

The most important reason to paint the exterior of your house or business is to protect it
Other than your roof nothing keeps the weather out more than the siding on your house.  The best way to maintain the protection of your siding is to paint it.

At John Patten we understand how important an exterior paint job is to the integrity of your house. That is why we go to huge lengths to prep  the siding before painting.  To make sure the our work lasts as long as the warranty of the quality materials we use.

Dealing with ceilings, whether it be painting them, repairing them, flattening stucco or anything is no fun, some would say it literally is a “pain in the neck”.  Ceilings are one those things best handled by professionals.  At John Patten. we can handle any of your ceiling needs without any of the disruption or mess. In fact when we are finished you would be hard pressed to find any evidence we were there, except the amazing ceilings of course.

No matter how much you spend on paint it can’t make damage on a wall disappear, it can only change the colour of the damaged wall. There is no expensive magic paint that makes damage fade away, only wall preparation and remediation can do that, then quality paint can make your walls look beautiful.

Whatever your desired level of perfection for your project is we at John Patten can give you what you want.

Some things just look better sprayed,  Trim, doors, spindles, kitchen cabinets and more.  We are not talking about the big airless sprayers painters use for exteriors or ceilings, no we are talking about the fine finish HVLP sprayers used in factory spray booths.

We have the ability to get very near to factory finishes using water based products. This means that it is possible to spray fine finishes in your home, with no dangerous fumes, and with our air extractors and air filters dust is reduced to a minimal.

When done properly wallpaper can transform a room and instantly add a whole new look to it.  The easiest way to do wallpaper is to give us a call. Job done.  Also at the other end of the spectrum stripping wallpaper can be an arduous and frustrating job, with the final product being less than stellar or satisfying. To get it done easy give us a call. 

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At John A Patten Painting & Decorating, It would be our pleasure to  help you with your decorating or renovation needs.  Whether it be  interior, exterior painting, wallpaper or commercial we can help.

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